Biomechanical Evaluation Service List

Static and Dynamic Posture Assessment

I will visually assess your overall posture to look for asymmetries that could be detrimental to the efficiency of your running form.

Strength Assessment

Manual muscle testing of all your essential muscle groups to find where you could improve your strength for better power and stability during your runs.

Flexibility Screening

Let's see if we could improve your range of motion to make running and movement less stressful on your body.

Joint Mobility

Your joints have to be able to move well in order for you to develop an efficient running form. This improvement leads to less stress on your tendons and muscles.

Video Running Form Analysis

There is only so much we can perceive during real time movement. By recording and analyzing your form in slow motion, I can break down each phase of your gait cycle to provide more information on what needs to be improved.

Exercise Program

Based on the information gathered during your evaluation, I will create an initial, individualized exercise program to begin transforming your running form.

Written Report

Once everything has been evaluated, I will provide a written report that summarizes my findings (emailed to you within a week of the evaluation).

Session Rates & Duration

Biomechanical Analysis Rate: $150.00
Session Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Follow-up sessions may be scheduled to assess your improvement and modify your independent, exercise program. A written report is included in this service.

Session Rate: $110.00
Session Duration: 1-1.5 hours

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