Special Events

Endurance Rehabilitation & Athletics will provide education or expert analysis for your group or special event. Services include:

  • On-site physical therapy services for your community race.
    • Pre- and Post-Race massage or soft tissue mobilization
    • Post-race injury screenings
  • Speaking Engagements
    • Would you like to have a biomechanical specialist discuss the latest research in running, effective techniques to warm-up and cool-down, or a special topic of your choice? I can add value to your event for educational content.
  • Team/Group Screenings
    • Start your season, or off-season, correctly by allowing me to assess members of your team and find areas that would help improve their risk for injury. I would be dedicated to your team for the day and would provide individualized information to minimize the risk for long-term injury that would keep a runner out of commission for extended times.

**These services vary in rate based on the size of the group, time services are needed, and location of the event. We can discuss rate based on your needs.

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