Our Mission

Endurance Rehabilitation & Athletics provides services to runners who want to optimize their performance. From Beginners wanting to learn the basics to Olympians requiring daily maintenance, Endurance Rehabilitation & Athletics can assist with running form, strengthening, flexibility, soft tissue mobility, injury rehabilitation and prevention strategies, and skill-specific training programs to ensure you are performing to meet YOUR goals. We utilize video gait analysis, Active Release Technique (ART), Graston Technique for soft tissue mobilization, dynamic activities, and individualized programs for each client created from an evaluation of biomechanics.

Our goal is to help you develop into the best runner YOU strive to become. With a background in physical therapy, biomechanics, gait training, and a passion for running, our focus is to encourage individual achievement and enjoyment for running.

today to begin your development as a runner.

My Story

Endurance Rehabilitation & Athletics was created by Adam Homolka, MPT,ART,FMT after working twelve years in the corporate world where financial gain was foremost and the actual outcome of patient recovery was secondary. Tired of metrics, numbers, and financial secrecy, I felt my abilities could be useful toward a business with my cultural understanding for THE runner and athlete.

As a distance runner in high school, I learned of the physical therapy profession and was hooked from ninth grade. It is a profession, dedicated to helping and empowering people. I gained a deeper understanding, and passion, from first-hand experience through many volunteer/shadowing hours over the next six years. Being a student in a physical therapy program parallels the mental components of determination, diligence, and perseverance I developed through the joy of running.

I was a walk-on member of the cross country and indoor/outdoor track programs at Central Michigan University during freshman and sophomore years. After two years of rigorous, daily workouts, my body began to breakdown and I realized Division I running was not in my future. I also realized the importance of a relationship between a good physical therapist and the injured runner. That is my goal; to assist all levels of runners to obtain their goal, from the beginner to the Olympian. A side benefit, living vicariously through their achievements!

I have grown even more passionate to assist all runners and athletes after years in the physical therapy profession. From learning the biomechanics of successful runners, treating injuries in middle-school beginners to seasoned Olympians, and continuously seeking new research to assist in the recovery/prevention of runners and athletes, I further developed my desire to open a clinical environment based around the culture of self-improvement to achieve goals.

I want to share my enthusiasm and knowledge so many athletes can experience the joy of achieving victory, learning from defeat, and growing stronger in themselves. With my experience, I can do so by developing young runners and athletes while encouraging the veteran to achieve new levels of accomplishment, while growing in their lives.

today to begin your development as a runner.

Our Services


Biomechanical Evaluation

This evaluation will include static and dynamic posture assessment , strength assessment, flexibility screening, and more.

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Personal Performance Training

The personal training session will include various drills and activities that will assist with flexibility, functional movement, and specific therapeutic intervention.

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Special Events

Endurance Rehabilitation & Athletics will provide education or expert analysis for your group or special event.

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