Our Mission

Endurance Rehabilitation & Athletics provides services to runners, athletes, active people, and those in pain who want to optimize their performance and get back to their life. From Beginners wanting to learn the basics to Olympians requiring daily maintenance, Endurance Rehabilitation & Athletics can assist with improving your pain, running form and body mechanics, strength, flexibility, and soft tissue mobility. We provide injury and post-surgical rehabilitation, education for injury prevention, and develop skill-specific training programs to ensure you are performing to meet YOUR goals. We utilize video gait analysis, Active Release Technique (ART), Graston Technique, Functional Dry Needling, dynamic activities, and individualized programs for each person created from your biomechanical evaluation and specific goals in mind.

Our purpose is to help guide your development toward optimal personal function and pain reduction. As physical therapists, we have a passion to consistently seek knowledge in biomechanics and pain reduction, so we can humbly serve our community while encouraging individual achievement and enjoyment of an active life.

today to begin your return to an active life.