Client Testimonials

"The best part about Adam is he genuinely wants to help you get better and to truly find the root cause of any body issues. His background in athletics also gives him that personal understanding of what it takes and what you are going through as a person. This is why I will always choose Adam over anyone else."

Nate Q Van Holten
  • Q Elite Coach
  • "Adam has been a huge help to me over several years now. I was a collegiate runner and I suffered from several different conditions and there hasn't been one that he has failed to remedy. I suffered from several different conditions and there hasn't been one that he has failed to remedy. I constantly recommend him to friends, coworkers, family, and clients of my own.

    I've seen Adam interact with dozens of patients who have varied in their demographic, injury, and walk of life. He makes sure everyone enjoys their time, feels valued, and leaves with a smile on their face. He makes everyone who walks through his door feel like they are his number one priority. Adam's professionalism is consistent and he makes sure all of his clients are fully informed on the process and procedures necessary for a full recovery."

    Louis Falland
  • Indoor Mile and 800m, outdoor 5000m record holder Cornerstone University
  • "When I first met Adam, 10 years ago, he wouldn't stop hounding me to let him into my running world. Finally, I gave in and invited him along to the 2013 US Track & Field Championships. Ever since then, he hasn't looked back. His dedication to, and passion for, helping runners succeed shows in his persistent pursuit of knowledge."

    Pete Kitto, PT
  • Director of The Running Institute
  • "Adam brings a combination of expertise and empathy on a level beyond others in the field of athletic development. He knows training, injury prevention, and injury treatment inside and out, and he takes time to learn about his athletes so that he can create a comprehensive plan for their growth and betterment. As an Olympic Trials contender in the marathon, I owe much and more of my successes to Adam's relentless support and expertise."

    Zach Ripley
  • A to Z
  • 2x Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier
  • "Adam was a life saver when I busted up my leg falling off a ladder. After the successful surgery to reattach my quadricep muscle, Adam worked me back to getting my range of motion and ultimately back to running. He stayed on me like a coach would, to keep doing the exercises that got me back to be able to do the things I love."

    Greg Meyer
  • Held 10 American records and 2 World records
  • ’82 Chicago Marathon Winner
  • ‘83 Boston Marathon Winner
  • 7 time winner of the Amway River Bank Run
  • "What I appreciate most about Adam is how thorough he is. I’ve been involved with him treating many of my athletes over the years and he’s always determined to find a solution. His optimism is as beneficial as his expertise. Runners, especially, need a sense of hope to go along with a path back to training."

    Rod Wortley
  • Director of XC and Track & Field, Waldorf University
  • "I met Adam during the 8th stress fracture of my life, and our first sessions were focused on treating my foot for that stress fracture. That was 8 years ago, and now I have started working not only with Adam but Bryan as well. With Bryan’s experience with new exercises and dry needling I have drastically decreased my rate of injury. Both Adam and Bryan have been invaluable resources during the last 8 years. My goals as an athlete have gone from “make it through this week pain-free” to “win the US National Championship” and as my gaze keeps lifting both Adam and Bryan have been there every literal step of the way."

    John Cody Risch
  • Olympic Trials Race Walk Qualifier
  • Q Elite
  • "After running several ultra marathons including a 50 miler and a 100k, I have my sights on my next longest distance….my first 100 miler! But in January 2021 after completing the Yankee Springs Winter Challenge 50k, I began feeling intense pain every time I ran and couldn’t run more than 2 miles without limping home in pain. It seemed like a 100 mile training plan was out of the question. Eventually I called Endurance Rehabilitation & Athletics to see if they could help. They met with me the next day for a biomechanical evaluation. Bryan (my physical therapist) assessed my running gait using slow motion video from different angles, analyzed the soles of my running shoes, and located the source of my pain. He taught me how to strengthen the specific muscle group contributing to my pain and how to improve my running form. Adam (the owner) created an individualized home exercise program for me to build strength and prevent further injury. Within 6 weeks I was able to increase my mileage without any pain and start week 1 of my 100 mile training program. I plan to continue services at Endurance Rehab throughout my six month long training and hopefully earn my 100 mile buckle this September! If you are looking for a physical therapist or a personal trainer, give them a call. Highly recommended! My only regret was not calling them sooner."

    Emily V.
  • Cross Country Head Coach Kuyper College
  • "Adam and the entire ERA team was by far the best sports medicine experience of my life. I've seen a lot of Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, etc. Adam and the crew were head and shoulders above them all. His individual care and passion for my situation made use work so well together. I'm very fortunate to have gotten to be a patient of this clinic."

    Noah Dooley
  • 7172 pt decathlete, 2x D2 All American, 5x Conference Champion at Davenport University
  • Associate Head Coach of Track & Field Purdue University NW